Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash has just come out with the latest COVID case numbers for all Maine schools. The school tracker site was started by a Massachusetts high school student who was having trouble find all the COVID-related school data in one place. The site uses Maine CDC data and shows how many cases each school has currently.



Maine Schools

Last Updated Date: 2/4/2021

Total cases (past 30 days): 759

Confirmed cases (past 30 days): 543

Probable cases (past 30 days): 216

You can look up any elementary, Middle School, and High School RIGHT HERE

It is so hard for our incredible Maine teachers and students right now. Staying physically and mentally healthy is so important. If you need some resources to keep your student mentally healthy we have some resources for you HERE

If you want to track all cases (not just students)  in your town, we have some great easy-to-read charts from designer Nick Adams. He has data on weekly and total cases per town plus the very important RATE of cases per thousand for each town in Maine. You can see all of the data here.

Nick Adams Design
Nick Adams Design

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