Post Mark works in Santa's mail room and helps sort all the letters. Write to Santa and he'll make sure Santa gets your letter. Santa will also write back!

Has your kid been amazing this year? Let Santa know so he can send him or her a very specific letter straight from the North Pole.

We became friends with Post Mark and invited him to come to the studio. He took time away from helping Santa sort the thousands of letters that he gets every year to stop by. Post Mark is very good at his job!

Post Mark also wrote a book about how he became Santa's helper! It's called "'Post' Mark - Santa's Misfit Postman'


He stopped by the studio on a break from the North Pole to say hi to Kylie and Lori. He gets the Q in the North Pole because he downloaded our App!


You child can write Santa a letter and Santa will send back a letter post marked from the North Pole!

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