Can't really tell if this is true, but it's got people standing up their brooms!


I can't find anything official from NASA that says that the earth is at a perfect tilt, but it doesn't seem to matter. People are balancing brooms all over the place based on the fact that NASA says the earth is at a perfect tilt. This is Sheena Hall from Greene. And she is flipping out at all the brooms she's got standing at attention!

Sheena Hall Facebook
Sheena Hall Facebook

Let's pretend that the whole thing is a's still REALLY FRIGGIN' COOL! I tried to balance a broom. Nope. In fact, it seemed impossible. But this is actually trending.

Did you balance a broom? Sheena says that it's real, it's crazy and she's super excited about it!

I have scoured NASA's Twitter feed and have found nothing on a perfectly tilted earth. But to be honest, if this is what we are obsessing about...bring it on. It's not political, it's not eating laundry detergent - and the look on Sheena's face is worth it.

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