The most trusted man in the news business, Brian Williams, is now just trying to save his job after he was caught bold face lying


It all started with a story that he has told man times over the years about how he was shot down in Iraq back in 2003 when the invasion started. Military people involved in that mission have said that the helicopter he was in was not hit by a RPG like he had said.

He even told Letterman the story in 2013 to which Dave actually says, "I have to treat you now with renewed respect. That is a tremendous story."

Williams apologized last week on the NBC and had hoped that put the whole thing to bed. He basically said that he misremembered.  But that didn't work at all. In fact, now his reporting of a dead body floating by his hotel when he was covering Hurricane Katrina is in question!

To help put out the fire he started, he has now taken a leave of absence.

The question now is...should he be fired? Do you trust him anymore?



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