The future looks grim for the once thriving shrimp fishing industry in Maine after regulators keep shrimp fishing closed for another three years.

News Center Maine reports the Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission has voted to close the waters in the Gulf Of Maine to winter shrimp fishing until at least 2022. That would we make it a total of 9 years that shrimp fishing has been closed.

A spokesperson says that the warming waters of the Gulf of Maine has led to shrimp being a "depleted resource" in Maine and that the population has shown no signs of recovering since the initial closure in 2013.

This video of fishermen off the coast of Mt. Desert Island dragging for shrimp posted on YouTube 10 years ago, show just how much shrimp could be caught in one drag.

The commission will review the closure once again in 2022, but unless ocean temperatures drop to favorable conditions for the shrimp stock to rebound, we likely won't be seeing scenes like this off the coast of Maine again in our lifetimes.

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