The deli we all know and love in Monument Square is moving onward and upward! Michaela, one of the deli's namesake sisters, announced Tuesday on a facebook live that the sisters had purchased the Sandwich Shop in Bath, Maine for renovation and expansion. The new location is in the downtown area, across from DIW, Michaela says in the video.

Michaela's tour into the new location revealed full renovations beginning including floors being redone and everything getting torn apart, but sister Michaela says they aren't intimidated.

"This place needs a lot of TLC and we're ready to deliver," Michaela says.

In their announcement video, Michaela thanked everyone who helped keep the secret of The Sisters Deli expansion throughout the long buying process of acquiring the new location. They have not announced an opening date for the new deli yet but will keep Sisters fans posted as they find out more in their renovation process.

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