You no doubt have seen this shared on Facebook in recent weeks and might be wondering what that means for how you conduct yourself on Facebook.

Facebook Swearing

You've heard you shouldn't believe everything on Facebook. Here's a case in point. How can you tell this is fake? Four ways:

1. It's an image. Facebook would not distribute new policy by sharing it as an image on Facebook. Especially a really crappy quality image with typos like this.

2. If this was Facebook policy, Facebook would send you a notice directly and you'd have to agree to a new Terms of Service.

3. This isn't the first time this has been circulated on Facebook. Here's the one that went out back in 2014, also with all kinds of grammatical and spelling errors.

2014 Swear

4. Common sense. If it sounds too ridiculous to be true, it probably is.

So let the eff bombs fly on Facebook. Your account is safe. You can stop sharing this.

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