An odd discovery was made in the basement of a vacant apartment in Orono and was shared by the Orono Police Department on Facebook. As they were clearing the apartment, which the police often do to make sure squatters are not present, they peered down the basement door to make a bit of a startling discovery.

From there, you can pick your horror movie. Thankfully, that creepy clown at the bottom of the stairs did not pop up and the police if they "wanted to play a game". It also did not attempt to lure them into the sewer system. But as they suggest in their post, if Stephen King is looking for an extra for the new It movie, they've found one.

We're just happy to report that THIS creepy clown is a lot less creepy than the clown epidemic than hit Maine around Halloween last year. But here's an honest question; who moves out of an apartment and takes everything but their extremely creepy looking clown doll?

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