SPi Global is a tech company that produces textbooks for major publishers and some form of their work is found in the majority of colleges in the US.


Given what 2020 brought to light, they created a scholarship to not only support black students in higher education, but also help build future teachers. 2021 scholarships will be awarded to black undergraduate juniors or seniors pursuing degrees in Education. They want to encourage and enable students to focus on their university training so they will will be ready to reach out and share their energy, devotion, and skills with our kids.

SPi Global Lewiston GoFundMe
SPi Global Lewiston GoFundMe

This year they are honoring Marva Collins, a pioneer in Education. Collins, a black woman who was passionate about learning, once said, 'All children can learn. For thirty years, we have done what other schools declare impossible.'

In 1975, she founded the Westside Preparatory School in Chicago’s Garfield Park neighborhood. Kids who were considered 'unteachable' or 'problem' students. After a few short years, the success rate of her students led to national recognition for Collins’ methods and multi-layered approach to education. Remembering Collins will inspire next-generation black educators to carry on her work.

SPi Global's goal is to raise $10,000 by April 15, to award their first of many scholarships. If you can help, fantastic. But if you can't, maybe you could help spread the word!



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