Does anybody remember right around this time last year, downtown Portland, Maine, started looking like a scene out of Stephen King's "It," and nobody could figure out who was behind it all?

Much like the Valentine's Red Heart bandit, there was a new bandit in town; the red balloon bandit and it was TERRIFYING.

Portland Downtown even posted a video on its Instagram account:

Tied to every single storm drain and sewer up and down the city, a single red balloon would be floating on a white string the same way it does in the movie and book. Terrifying.

It made headlines. It made Maine residents' Instagram and Facebook stories in hopes of finding the twisted mastermind behind it. Despite all of the social media efforts to locate this individual, their identity was never revealed.

So will these balloons "pop up" (pun intended) again this year?

The thing is, in Stephen King's 'It', if you came across a red balloon floating on a storm drain, it was an indication that a killer clown was lurking down there.

I'm not saying killer clowns are real right now, but I'm also not saying they're not NOT real.

Does anyone remember when we had to go through our killer clown era here in Maine because of Stephen King back in 2016? The balloons I guess are a lot less scary than the people who used to dress up as a horrifying clown and knock on car windows at a stop light.

Just because one of the spookiest horror movie authors is from Maine doesn't mean we have to torture our city with his antics. I take that back, I kinda like it.

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