As I drive down the Maine Turnpike or I-295, I constantly see people in the passenger seat of other cars (mostly women) with their bare feet up on the dashboard. If you are one of those people that put your feet on the dashboard while traveling at 65 miles per hour or more, there are some things you should consider:

1. You're traveling 65 mph with your feet up against the glass. What happens if that glass should shatter?

2. If the passenger airbag should go off, it does so with a lot of force. According to, airbags deploy at 100 to 220 miles per hour. If your feet are on the dash when that happens, you're going to lose them along with most of your legs.

3. If the passenger air bag does go off, it's more than likely from a head-on collision so there's a very good chance that that dashboard will probably get a lot closer to your body in a very short time. Now we're talking about even more severe injury.


This crash test shows exactly what could happen if you get into a collision and the passenger airbag deploys with your feet on the dash.

I did a Google search for accidents related to feet on the dashboard and I had to stop looking after the first page I saw. It showed very graphic pictures of injuries that you do NOT want to see. Trust me. You've been warned. This x-ray posted by the Georgetown County Professional Firefighters Association Local 4526 on Facbook is one the least gruesome and should make my point clear.

If you spend a lot of time and money on pedicures to keep your toes nice and pretty, why would you do the equivalent of dangling them over a blender?

Cars are designed to keep us as safe as possible when occupants are seated properly. That means keeping your feet in the foot well so that if the worst should occur you are as protected as you can be. You're defeating the safety measure of the vehicle to try to be a little more comfortable. Is it worth the risk?

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