Listen, we've all experienced moments of frustration while behind the wheel, navigating through traffic, or rushing to our destinations. It's natural to feel angry at times, especially when time is of the essence. However, it's important to recognize when our emotions escalate into a dangerous state known as "road rage."

Our Pine Tree State takes road rage seriously and has legally defined it to ensure public safety on its roads.

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Maine's Definition of Road Rage:

According to the Maine legislature's enactment, titled "An Act To Deter Road Rage," road rage is officially defined as ‘an angry or violent form of aggressive driving.’ While the definition is not exhaustive, it encompasses several behaviors that can pose a threat to public safety. These include:

Generally aggressive driving, such as sudden acceleration, sudden braking, and tailgating.

Cutting off another vehicle or deliberately preventing its merging.

Excessive use of the horn or flashing lights.

Displaying rude gestures.

Shouting verbal abuse, obscenities, or threats.

Intentionally causing collisions between vehicles.

Exiting one's vehicle to instigate a confrontation, including striking another vehicle with an object.

Throwing projectiles from a moving vehicle with the intent to damage other vehicles.

In Maine, committing road rage is considered a Class E crime, carrying significant consequences. Anyone found guilty of road rage can face the suspension of their driver's license for a mandatory period of 90 days. It's important to note that none of this suspension period can be waived or suspended.

Additionally, as part of the penalty, individuals convicted of road rage are required to complete a court-approved anger management course. This course aims to help offenders recognize and manage their anger effectively, promoting safer behavior on the roads.

While driving, it's easy to succumb to frustration and allow it to escalate into road rage, endangering both ourselves and others on the road. Maine's legal definition of road rage serves as a reminder to all drivers to exercise caution and control their emotions while behind the wheel.

It's crucial to remember that road rage is not a victimless crime. By adhering to the rules of the road, practicing patience, and maintaining a calm demeanor, we can contribute to safer and more pleasant driving experiences for everyone. Let's prioritize public safety, respect one another on the roads, and strive for a more peaceful and harmonious driving environment.

Unless you cut me off.

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