As you may have heard, I'm your new morning show host on the legendary station, Q97.9.

I knew it was important to share a few things about myself, so you could get to know me a little bit more. Check out those five things right here.

But, I figured it would also be fun to switch it up and reveal some things about me that you would definitely find surprising. It's always fun to learn some secrets, right? Right.

So let's do this. And let me know if these three things below really did surprise you.

Krissy of Q97.9 is a natural redhead

Before I got my hair back to a more realistic color, I was dying it bright bright red for years for no other reason besides the fact that I love the color red so much.

It became a staple for me.


My whole life my mother always told me it would make her heart happy if I showed the world the natural red hair she gave me, so that's how this new hairstyle was born.

Back to my roots with a little blonde. You like?

Krissy of Q97.9 is from New Jersey

Look, my heart is in Maine, and I'm so excited to be back in Portland with you all. This is my home.

But before you make fun of me about my New Jersey background, please let me explain. I'm from the good part of NJ (Sparta).

I grew up there before I moved to Boston to go to school at Merrimack College to pursue my radio career, which I loved, but will always miss my roots. Do you know how many times a day I have to fight off strangers saying "OH you mean you're from the armpit of America?" NOPE. I'm from a very small, quaint town up north that made my childhood a good one.

Krissy of Q97.9 has had only 2 kinds of jobs

I have never had a different job outside of radio and bartending in 10 years.

I have to say, I'm only the happiest version of myself when I go after exactly what I know I want. So truly, I kept working my way into radio stations so that I never had to be miserable at work.

I'm a VERY grateful girl.

Krissy, Townsquare Media
Krissy, Townsquare Media

What's the most surprising thing about you? Be sure to message me on the app and let me know.

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