The Bangor Comic & Toy Con is happening this weekend (April 22nd - April 24th).

According to Bangor Comic & Toy Con, there will be many amazing celebrities for you to meet. Some celebrities that will be attending the convention are Joshua Mikel from The Walking Dead, Randy Havens from Stranger Things, and comic book writer Ben Goldsmith.

However, there are a few other celebrity appearances that pique my interest. I am a huge fan of horror movies, especially slasher films from the '80s. Bangor Comic & Toy Con is bringing some of my favorite slashers right here to Maine for the weekend.

Granted the convention starts on Friday, April 22nd, it will seem like a Friday the 13th. Actor Kane Hodder, known for playing Jason, will be attending the Bangor Comic & Toy Con. Other slashers from the '80s will be there as well. R.A. Mihailoff, known for playing the role of Leatherface, and Jim Winburn, stuntman for the movie 'Halloween,' will also be in attendance.

If you choose to go to the Bangor Comic & Toy Con, you can meet these slashers, however, it gets even better. According to Bangor Comic & Toy Con, on Saturday at 3 pm there will be a horror legends panel. Where you can hear more about these slashers' stories and ask them some questions.

There will also be a haunted house at the convention that is open on Saturday and Sunday. Which alone sounds amazing, but it gets even better.

According to their Facebook page, the convention has teamed up with Maineiac Manor to create an '80s slashers haunted house. The house will have scenes from 'Friday the 13th,' 'Halloween,' and 'Texas Chainsaw Massacre.' So, not only will you be able to go to a haunted house in April, you can be immersed in some iconic horror movies.

If you don't think it gets better than that, I have news for you.

Bangor Comic & Toy Con will be having special photo ops inside of the haunted house, so you can act like you are in the '80s slasher film while posing and taking a picture with horror legends Kane Hodder, R.A. Mihailoff, and Jim Winburn.

Unfortunately, you cannot take pictures with all of them on the same day. According to Bangor Comic & Toy Con, R.A. Mihailoff and Kane Hodder will be available for this photo opportunity on Saturday and Jim Winburn will be in the haunted house taking pictures on Sunday.

If you love horror movies as much as I do, you know that this is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. You can find out more information and see the event schedule here.

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