Aaron Paul Returns to 'Price Is Right' for James Corden
A decade’s worth of Breaking Bad “Before They Were Stars” articles have drilled into the public conscious that Aaron Paul made a memorably tragic turn on The Price Is Right long before picking up the beaker. Surprisingly, Paul never took a second stab at the Showcase Showdown, b…
CBS 'Supergirl' Reveals First Costume Photo
Now that production on CBS’ Supergirl series has formally gotten up, up and underaway, our first look at Glee star Melissa Benoist as our new Kara Zor-El has floated safely to Earth. See Supergirl go Man of Steel dark with our first photos of the new CBS series’ costume!
Alex Selby on "Price is Right"
Alex Selby from Portland was on 'The Price is Right' on Tuesday! We talked to him about what it was like. Alex went with his wife Holly - it was her dream to be on the show, but look who on on 'contestant's row'!