Rob's Halloween Costumes
Some people hate Halloween for reasons I will never understand. I, for one, wish Halloween was more than once a year. I mean what's not to love about it? Candy, sexy costumes, funny costumes, and finally an excuse to wear make up! I mean, a chance to scare the crap out of unsuspecting peop…
Spirit of Portland Halloween Bash Costume Ideas! [VIDEO]
With less than a week to go, you need to figure out your costume for our off the hook bash this Saturday night at the Portland Expo! Here are some great ones!
We are looking forward to seeing all you Ghost Busters and Elevens!
Come enjoy a night of adult fun at …
Strange Halloween Costumes Requested by Kids
Kids have the wildest imaginations. Some imaginations border on the edge of strange and bizarre, but hey, they're kids. Let them have their creativity, especially when it comes to Halloween. You shared some of the strangest things your kids wanted to be for Halloween.

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