You've gone bowling before. You've probably even gotten a strike. But have you seen professional bowlers get strikes over and over, as if they have actual *control* over the ball?! Crazy, I know.

Bayside Bowl is currently hosting the Professional Bowling Association Playoffs. That means you could go and see real live bowlers bowl well (we're talking real bowling here, not the innuendo we use on the Q Morning Show... this is a family friendly affair, people).

Today is the last day of playoffs so hurry over to Bayside's website and grab tickets!

The Playoffs are more than watching talented bowlers... it's a straight up party over there.

There are costumes, wigs, signs, beers and cheering - everything you want and more from Professional Bowling Playoffs.


The final games are 4-6pm, 7-9pm, and 9:30-11:30pm. Doors open at 2pm and tickets are available at the front door in addition to online!

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