Need to decline a party invitation? Taylor Swift shows you how to do it with class. A handwritten card never goes out of style.

Massive Taylor Swift fan Ashley Silvers invited Swifty to her New York themed college graduation party. When Taylor couldn't make it she sent a handwritten card and a gorgeous bouquet of flowers.

The card had more than just a nice message of congratulations and well wishes. Taylor actually doodled a little picture of Ashley in New York with her suitcases and stars sparkling above her.

"The New York theme, the photo booth, it being on the 13th... That's my kind of party," wrote Taylor. "I'm so proud of your hard work and dedication, your excitement and ambition. I'm very lucky that a girl like you cares about me."

And this is why Taylor Swift fans will always love Taylor Swift. She may be laying low on the music scene but Taylor Swift is making sure that her fans know she hasn't gone far.

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