It's the perfect example of the old saying "If you don't like the weather in Maine, wait a minute." After bitterly cold temperatures for several days, the thermometer looks like it will take a big swing in the other direction.

News Center Maine's Keith Carson posted this weather graphic today showing the forecast for Tuesday that gives us a good shot at hitting 50 degrees.

This may be the most excited we've been for 50 degrees in a long time. Temps will start to slowly climb on Friday as we should reach 20, about 26 Saturday and 32 by Sunday. To start the work week the thermometers might touch 40 and come Tuesday there's a very good possibility that we'll hit 50.

Now, don't be disappointed if we don't hit 50, and by all means don't blame the meteorologists. Predicting weather five days out has a good deal of variables that could change a forecast over that amount of time, but based on computer models, this is a likely scenario. If that's the case, you might actually be able to put that heavy winter jacket away for a day or two.

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