Terri Anthoine lost both legs in a horrible accident right before Christmas picking up her dry cleaning in Portland. She went to work at One City Center for a visit.


Terri is a longtime Q listener and we were horrified to hear of her accident just two months ago.

She was hit by an SUV as she picked up her dry cleaning at Pratt Abbott on Forest Avenue in Portland. Her life was changed forever as both of her legs were severed in that accident.

Terri, however, is not a normal human being. Her positive attitude and amazing circle of friends and family have made this journey incredible.

She returned to Preti Flaherty at One City Center (where the Q is!) on Valentine's Day for her first visit. She has been there for over 40 years. I had to come say hi.



I caught up with Terri as she explained her shirt that said, 'Today is the best day ever'...she was going to stand for the first time since the accident. She was getting what she called 'stubbies'. Short prosthetics for both legs.

She is in therapy, her home has been modified to accommodate her wheelchair and now she will stand for the first time.

On Saturday February 3rd Terri and her family went to the City of Portland Police awards where both Officer Matthew Eide and Genevieve MacDonald NP were awarded “Hero Awards” for their incredible life-saving efforts performed on the day of her accident. On February 9th they were both also awarded “Life Saving Awards”. These are Terri's true life heroes and angels. Without them both, she may not have survived the accident.



The medical bills continue to roll in...and we continue to share her incredible story and ask for any help. In talking to her co-workers (hi Sue, Karen and Mary)...they all agree, Terri is a one of a kind person. She is one of the strongest, funniest and determined people you will ever meet. And when you meet her, your life will be changed...for the better.