Okay, I'll be honest, I LOVE it when we get texts to our text line (which can be found on our Q97.9 app). Aside from just talking to you through a microphone, I also get to text you back through my own computer and talk to you about your life. It makes talking to you on the show so much more personal, and I love it.

The same way that you can leave Krissy In The Morning a voicemail, you can also leave me a text. A lot of the times when we have topics on the show, people prefer to participate through their phone rather than live on the phone (which is totally fine, everybody's different with that stuff).

So if this sounds like you, make sure you've got out app downloaded, because it has more perks on it than just texting the show. When we have live contests like Olivia Rodrigo in Arizona or Taylor Swift in London, having the app on your phone is the only way you can get yourself in the running to win tickets to things like that.

Once you open up the app, hit the sidebar menu by clicking those three lines... the ones that kind of look like a Crabby patty.

As always, you can always hit me up on Instagram too :)!

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