Do you have one of the highest paid jobs in Maine? I don't. 

Before you leave Maine to find work, you can make a pretty penny right here in Maine.

In order to do that though, you have to be in the medical field. Zippia, a career website, collected data from the Dept. of Labor to figure out the top 100 highest paid jobs in Maine.

The top 5 are:                            Job  -  Salary   - How Many in Field

  1. Physicians and Surgeons                      $210,760                    2410
  2. Internists                                                 $204,820                     140
  3. Dentists                                                  $185,290                      360
  4. Pediatricians                                           $182,710                     120
  5. Family and General Practitioners           $177,790                     730

It appears my mom and dad were right - I shoulda been a doctor.