Remember Keith...a HUGE Philadelphia Eagles fan? He owns The 5 Spot in Portland. And they just got zoning for a cool new bar addition, but now what?

A Philly Joint


I've kept in touch with Keith. He's a super awesome guy...despite the fact that we had to pay off a Super Bowl bet and sing the Eagles Fight Song at his place!

He let me know about how The 5 Sport is the exclusive vendor for Island Dog 'Captain Tucker's Cream Ale". It's a local craft beer that pairs great with their Cheesesteaks.

They also have zoning cleared for a basement bar called the 'Philly Underground'! But the 'Feds now have seized the building'.

I asked what that means and he said

My landlord is Steve Mardigan...the Gambling Kingpin that just plead guilty.


Holy crap! That's the guy who ran a multi million dollar gambling ring from his home and laundered money like nuts! Keith says that the building is up for auction and doesn't really know the fate of The 5 Spot!

If you are a fan, I'd grab your cheesesteaks while you can! This is a legal fight that will take a while to unfold.

I'll keep you updated on the fate of this awesome little business owned by a huge personality!



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