With an Eagles hat on, the Q Morning Show took a little road trip down the road to pay off a bet...


You see, Lori thought it would be a great idea if she (she dragged Jeff and Lou kicking and screaming) bet Keith (owner and HUGE Eagles fan) of The 5 Spot on who would win the Super Bowl.

Lori was slightly cocky and offered up singing the Philly Fight Song should the Pats lose...which of course WOULD NEVER HAPPEN.

Well...as we now know all too well, it did indeed happen. But here's a kick in the ass...well, watch to video to see what happened!


Honestly. Copyright laws prevent us from having the song in the video or even showing you the WORDS to the song. Don't worry...we have it pretty memorized if you want, we'll sing it for you live.

By the way, The 5 Spot gave out free 6" cheese steaks from 10 am - 2 pm...well, 1 pm, cuz by then they ran out. I had one...it was damn good. Despite the fact that he's an Eagles fan, I will be going back. Damn Philly cheese steaks! Damn you Keith and your contagious enthusiasm!



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