I absolutely adore cute and kitschy items and decor! So I was very happy to finally step in to a super funky shop across the way from the station called the Pinecone+Chickadee. I was on a particular hunt for "Maine"-themed items in this store, and there was certainly no shortage of that. There are many options for Maine and outdoor-themed items that any Mainer, Portlander, or outdoorsy person would love.

For those who want to add a little Maine flavah to your home, or want to give someone (or yourself!) a quirky Maine-themed gift, here are my picks for the most Maine items at Pinecone+Chickadee!

Portland Pennant

Price: $16

This is the perfect item to show off your Portland, Maine pride! I think this pennant would be great to hang above your desk at work.

Maine T-Shirts

Price: $28

What screams "I love Maine" more than wearing a shirt that says..."Maine" on it? I particularly love the white tee with all the cute cartoon figures of Maine things, such as a lobster, a moose, a lighthouse...come on now, that's too ADORABLE! The material is also comfy too...very important!

Maine Patch

Price: $6

A simple but bold love-for-Maine statement! A lobster is certainly one of those most Maine things I can think of. Throw it on a jacket or a bag, and voila! This has #ILoveMaine written all over it.


Price: $1

Small and inexpensive...you can buy a bunch of these and start a collection!

Enamel Mug

Price: $12

This would be the perfect mug to drink from when you're camping, or even if you're not! Start your day with a hot cup of adventure! Just drinking from this would make me feel more outdoorsy.

Roots Soap Co Soaps

Price: $6

I'm not sure why, but these soaps were definitely among my favorite items...probably because the idea of smelling like Maine sounds pretty great! They make me think of the ocean and fresh air, and who doesn't like that? The soaps come in a variety of scents, but the two most Maine scents were "Woodsman" & "Fisherman's Soap." Yum!

"Campfire" Hand and Body Cream

Price: $12

Another body product I found that I loved is this hand and body cream. A campfire scent definitely makes me think of spending my summers at camp in Maine, and on top of that this cream left my skin feeling soft and smelled earthy and wonderful!

Hook Line & Sinker Lunch Bag

Price: $30

Why not have your lunch in style? Fisherman style to be exact! This is way more fun than bringing a regular ol' brown bag lunch with you, and has a very nautical feel to it!

Be sure to check out these items for yourself and much more over at Pinecone+Chickadee at 6 Free Street in downtown Portland!