Seal Island sits roughly 21 miles off the coast of Rockland. For 20 years the U.S. Navy used the island as a bombing target from the 1940's to the '60's. The island, to this day, is closed to public access year round due to the presence of unexploded ordnance.

These days Seal Island is managed in cooperation with National Audubon Society for colonial nesting seabirds, including Atlantic puffins among many others. But that wasn't always the case, in fact National Audubon successfully reintroduced Atlantic puffins to the island by transporting chicks from Newfoundland, Canada. Now the puffins call this island home while they breed and raise their young from April to August with only natural predators, not humans to worry about. They are known to keep the same burrows year after year so chances are if you watched this webcam last year, you're most likely watching the same puffins you saw a year ago. Enjoy the show!


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