Maine Dept. of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife posted a photo taken in December of 2016 of this deer who has a fibroma growth on his side and another on his chin.A fibroma is a malignant tumor that is spread to other deer through direct contact. Deer can't pass it along to humans or farm animals. Most of the time fibromas are harmless, unless they interfere with breathing, sight, eating or walking.

In the ultimate before and after reveal, check out this picture of the same deer taken in March of 2017...

Me. Dept. of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife

You can barely see where the fibroma had been! It has resolved itself and is now healing nicely with new hair growing in.

Is it safe to eat a deer that has fibromas? According to the Deer Quality Management Association, it is safe to eat the meat if the tumors are small. Large tumors that have a secondary infection should not be eaten.

Some people feel sorry for Maine wildlife during our cold winters, but the MDIFW urges you not to supplement their food. By creating a place that draws our woodland creatures together to get food, you are creating an opportunity for transmission of viruses. Please don't feed the animals!

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