Animal Welfare showed up at 116 Howe Street in Lewiston to confiscate 64 animals that a married couple had in their fourth floor apartment.

According to the Sun Journal, when officers showed up at the Howe Street apartment, they found 25 cats, 5 pigeons, 5 turtles, 4 dogs, 4 snakes, 4 parakeets, 4 chinchillas, 3 gerbils, 2 hamsters, 2 lizards and a ferret.  Samantha Bell and her husband, Paul Lauze lived in the apartment with the 64 animals, one of which was found dead and many others needing medical attention.

Androscoggin County Jail
Androscoggin County Jail

Bell was arrested for disorderly conduct and released on bail, but not charged with a crime in regards to the animals, although charges may be considered after all the animals and evidence have been evaluated.

The animals are now in the care of several shelters across the state.

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