Animal Planet has cancelled the upcoming season of 'Yankee Jungle' which features DEW Haven in Mount Vernon, Maine. The owners say the allegations are false.

Mother Jones published an article on line Friday that prompted Animal Planet to cancel the upcoming season of 'Yankee Jungle'. The article claims that problems with animal welfare at DEW Haven date back 20 years.

The owners, Bob and Julie Miner say there are no problems they haven't addressed and fixed.

According to the Portland Press Herald, Bob is a disabled Vietnam veteran and started DEW Haven back in 1980 as therapy and runs it as a nonprofit. They have over 200 animals, including exotic animals like  lemurs, tigers and panthers.

The Mother Jones article is upsetting. The Miners say they have never been shut down and have been in operation since 1980 with no problems. They blame a game warden in Maine they think is basically out to get them.

I almost took the kids to this sanctuary - now I don't know what to think.


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