Two hot dog professionals decided the best hot dog in all 50's what they said for Maine...

First off, let's meet the experts. Bruce Kraig is a professor and author of Hot Dog: A Global History. Hawk Krall is an illustrator and food writer from Philadelphia who spent three years as a hot-dog columnist for Serious Eats.

These guys know their hot dogs. We're talking the history of the hot dog, the kinds of hot dogs..we're talking every nuance of hot dogs there is...and the winner for Maine is...



1359 US-1, Cape Neddick

Here's what Hawk says of Flo's:

Serving one of the most unique and delicious hot dogs in the country, this tiny red shack is a Route 1 tradition, open for only a few hours each day. As a result, people line up for ten or twelve of Flo’s steamed, natural casing Old Neighborhood brand New England wieners. They're topped with a spicy-sweet, chutney-esque relish “hot sauce," a squirt of mayonnaise, and dash of celery salt. Best washed down with a can of Moxie. This is the place that inspired me to start writing about hot dogs, many moons ago.—HK

It's a tough job but someone's gotta do it. Bruce and Hawk did some in-depth research (ate a lot of hot dogs) and came up with the best in every state.

I still have not had Flo's...that's it. I'm going on a road trip!

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