One of my struggles with getting older is balancing the fun with the adult. On the one hand, I want a pretty aesthetic in my home decorating. But I also want to show off my Avengers Funko Pop collection and concert memorabilia.

So far I've been able to have maintain a designated "nerd" shelf but I can't help but always be drawn to the fun.

I'm always seeing on TikTok and from streamers their TVs and computer monitors having this really awesome backlighting that corresponds with whatever is on the screen. For example, say you're watching a documentary about the ocean, BAM, a beautiful blue lit-up wall. SO COOL!

Well, I looked into them and they are not cheap.

Hey, I like fun, but I'm also on a budget.

So I found myself walking by the electronics section in Walmart last week and one bin in particular, caught my eye. A bin with LED light strips for $4.88!

Granted, the color doesn't correspond with what I'm watching in real-time but I'm happy to pick a color and set the mood or have it strobe through the rainbow. And again, $5!


Sure, it's silly and completely unnecessary, but it makes me happy. After the year we all just had I say, embrace the simple joys.

Even if you are a 30-year-old sticking LED lights to your television!


If you want to add some fun to your room, computer, or TV, head to Walmart or order one for yourself here!

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