Actually, Thrillist has the grossest food in all states - but Maine's...well, I've never had the nerve to try it.

I hope the people at Thrillist didn't actually try all these state's gross foods. I'll get to Maine's in a minute - because I can't believe Mississippi's!

The Koolickle

It's pickle soaked in Kool-Aid. Dear God...


But back to Maine's grossest food that we love to eat....Maine's gross food is




Ya know, that icky green stuff...the guts of delicious lobster. I have to say that I have never tried it because...IT'S THE GREEN ICKY GROSS STUFF INSIDE THE LOBSTER.



Questions: Do you like tomalley? Is there something grosser that Mainers eat? matter what, we still get to eat the lobster that surrounds the tomalley. What the hell is the redeeming factor of a koolickle?


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