You may not realize this from looking at me but I love me some true crime stories. I want to know all about the murders, serial killings, and even the occasional cannibal. I spend a lot of my TV time engrossed in episodes of Snapped, I watched the new season of Unsolved Mysteries on Netflix in one day, and recently I discovered Bailey Sarian on YouTube.

My first exposure to Bailey was thanks to a Facebook sponsored ad, (I hate admitting that they work) and I was hooked to her Murder, Mystery, and Makeup Monday series. Each Monday Bailey tells a true crime story while doing her makeup. If makeup isn't your thing no worries, it's mostly just there to keep her busy while telling the story. I've often played the videos like podcasts while driving or doing things around the apartment.

In the middle of one of my Bailey binges, one story caught my undivided attention almost instantly when she began talking about Arthur Shawcross, who was born in Maine. According to, he was born in Kittery. He claims to have had a horrifically abusive childhood. During childhood, he did move to Watertown, New York. A few years after serving in the Vietnam War he had his first verified murder, a 10-year old. A few years later he murdered another child and sent to prison.

What happened next was troubling, after serving less than 15 years in prison, he was released only to take many more lives.

This is a wild ride, and not the easiest story to listen to, but if you enjoy true crime, I highly recommend it.

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