It's finally here. The bar crawl to end all bar crawls. The Onesie Bar Crawls hits Portland this Saturday from 5-midnight at different bars throughout the Old Port and more. You don't have to wear a onesie to participate, but where's the fun in that?


Tickets include a Onesie Bar Crawl T-shirt at the end of the night, a Onesie Crawl Koozie and map when you register, drink specials all night, DJs spinning tunes at at select stops, their even going to have Snapchat filters at each stop so you can make the moment last. The registration party at Brian Boru begins at 5 and runs until 8 p.m. Then it's off to participating bars like Gritty McDuff's, Oasis, Fore Play, Bonfire Country Bar, Three Dollar Dewey's, Glass Lounge, The Drink Exchange, Amigo's, Pat's Pizza and more.

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