Merry Christmas honey! I bought you a keg of Hidden Valley Ranch dressing! This is a real thing.


Do you, or someone you know love Hidden Valley Ranch Dressing? Just in time for Christmakwanzakah*, you can buy them a keg of of the stuff! Perfect for veggies, wings, chicken nuggets, potato skins or just dipping your finger (if you are 9 and live in my house).

The 10-inch tall keg holds 5 liters, or 1.3 gallons which the company calls, 'a year's supply of Hidden Valley Ranch'.

They also say that this keg will 'keep the ranch dressing tasting fresh.'

It will cost ya 50 bucks and you can pre-order it now. They will start shipping the kegs on December 11th.

How did this not make Oprah's favorite things?




*Christmakwanzakah (n): a word that covers all holidays so that no one can get their undies bunched up and complain that people suck.

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