We are extremely busy famous people. We don't have time to hang out at your office for a whole week! But our cut-outs do. Here's how to get us at your office!


Ya see...the QMS cut-outs would LOVE to see where you work and hang with you. What fun! You can bring us to lunch! You can show us the photocopier.

You can put us on the couch!

Lori Jeff and Lou

We're very flexible!

SIDENOTE: Actually the QMS cut-outs are very INFLEXIBLE and bending them will break them. Then I would have to beg the fine people at Full Court Press who made these amazing cut-outs, to make more. They are already embarrassed enough that this is on their resume! 

So - who's in? Who wants to hang with the Q Morning Show? It's the quietest you'll ever see Lori!

One requirement - you must send pictures! We want to see how much fun you are having with us! It's super easy to get us your pics with the Q App! If you don't have it - wha??  It's easy and FREE!

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