Yup. We could see some snow Tuesday morning and the mountains could see a few inches out of this mini Nor'Easter!


According to NewsCenter Maine's meteorologist Ryan Benton, we have a Nor'Easter, well...a mini one developing Monday night into Tuesday. And during bursts of percipitation, some of that could be snow! Honest go God white stuff because it's going to be in the 30's!

NewsCenterMaine Ryan Brenton
NewsCenterMaine Ryan Brenton

There's not an explanation of why this is happening. Maybe too many people in Maine are watching Game of Thrones with all that winter talk. Maybe it's just that we haven't quite hit our Spring stride!

Whatever it is - it's not good and it's all sorts of wrong, wrong, wrong. All I know is that this summer, I had better be complaining of a brown lawn and that I'm so hot (not humid, just hot).

You might want to hang onto a couple of those sweaters....


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