In fact, they open today at 2!


The Saco Scoop served Shain's of Maine ice cream. There have been some recent issues that have come up with the owner and racially charged statements. The Saco Scoop lost their supplier and posted on their Facebook page on Thursday June 4th,

Due to issues with our current supply of ice cream, The Saco Scoop will be closed indefinitely.

But less than a week later, they not only have a new supplier, but they will be opening this weekend (fingers crossed). It's all because the community stepped up and saved them.

You see, they had a lot of Shain's ice cream they needed to get rid of. They did it in the most creative way!


They had an overwhelming response. The community came to their rescue with no hesitation. In ten hours they updated their Facebook page again:

Holy Cow Scoop Fans! Thank you so much for your love and support!  It has been overwhelming. We had 18 unopened tubs of ice cream and they have all been pre-sold at this time. We still have some quarts and lots to scoop in pints, cones, cups and Saco Tacos! Come on down and see us starting Wednesday at 2 pm! See you soon!


Thank you for saving The Saco Scoop! Now it's time to celebrate a business not only surviving the coronavirus, but the loss of a vendor. Congratulations!



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