Could you use a mid-summer pick-me-up involving crafts, unity, hope, and a gorgeous view in Portland?

The Water Lantern Festival is coming to Deering Oaks Park in Portland as part of its country-wide tour of unity. Everywhere they go, the festival brings together food trucks, music, and water lanterns for participants to decorate and send off in unison. Decorators fill their paper lanterns' sides with sentiments of love, hope, aspirations, and inspirational quotes to cheer each other on and usher in a bright future.

Check out this family's recap of their first water lantern festival experience for a better idea of what the event looks like:

For tickets, you can visit the Water Lantern Festival website - they are $25 today, $35 until August 3rd, and $40 on the day of the event.

Each adult ticket includes entry to the festival, a floating lantern, commemorative drawstring bag, marker, and a wrist band. The cost of each ticket covers the price of clean-up afterwards - removing the lanterns from the water and cleaning up any trash from the event, including trash that may have previously been in Deering Oaks Park.

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