As far as state slogans go, 'The Way Life Should Be' is not worst. Guess who is stuck with 'Great Faces. Great Places'?


That lousy slogan belongs to South Dakota. The home of Mount Rushmore...and THAT'S what they pick?

I remember growing up in Idaho having 'Famous Potatoes' on our license plate. It still is, but it's no longer Idaho's slogan.

Their slogan is now:

Great Potatoes. Tasty Destinations.


Mmm...I don't think so.

We could have been stuck with 'Fresh Air and Fond Memories Served Daily'. That USED to be Colorado's until they probably couldn't stand the teasing anymore. They now go by 'The Centennial State'.

Or Indiana.

Think Stock

'Honest-to-Goodness Indiana'


It used to be 'Restart Your Engines'. Eeek. I don't like either of those. And apparently they don't either...didn't even bother to put it on their welcome sign...

I must say...I miss Vacationland. I like that. Simple, direct and very true.

If you could pick our state slogan, what would it be?