Why make a fancy, splashy website for your new restaurant when you can get a lot more attention with a throwback site from the 2000s?

Cong Tu Bot recently opened at 59 Washington Avenue and if you want to get a look at their menu, it's on their website if you aren't distracted by the dancing tomatoes, swaying palm trees and flashy text  that make the it look like this Vietnamese restaurant is stuck in the past, despite only being open for less than a month.

Con Tu Bot


You wouldn't think much is going on here, but if you click around you'll find some hidden easter eggs. There's no phone number listed, but if you click on XXX-XXX-XXXX you'll go to YouTube to see the music video for Telephone Man by New Edition. Click around for yourself and see what you can find and if you plan to try out Cong Tu Bot, order by number. OK!

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