It's weird, but I always learn something new from these knuckleheads.

Troy and Mark were up to Mark's stepdad's trailer talking whoopie pies. Needless to say that the boys enjoy the sugary treat, but did drop a few facts that I didn't know. Or at least I didn't remember.


Like I don't remember the world's largest whoopie pie being created on March 26, 2011, in South Portland. That sucker weighed in at 1062 pounds! The whoopie pie is NOT Maine's official dessert. That honor belongs to blueberry pie. Troy and Mark were very funny about how stupid that is. I think they may have mentioned that 'if you cut off a school bus with your Prius, you enjoy blueberry pie.'

The Maine State Legislature did consider making it the official dessert, but in 2011, it was named Maine's official treat.

You see Troy and Mark have a real problem with that, and they bring up a pretty valid point. You might have blueberry pie once or twice a year at most. But a whoopie pie can be found at every cash register in the entire state year-round! Hard to argue with that logic.

The whoopie pie started back in the 1920s and a few New England states take credit...including Maine. I say give it to us. We created the world's largest and we have a festival honoring it every year up in Dover-Foxcroft!

Mark and Troy have been all over the State of Maine. Every 'episode' is those two goofing around, yet you leave knowing something about Maine you didn't know before!

Inside scoop: Troy and Mark are actually Portland comics James Theberge and Ian Stuart. Wicked pissah!

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