Last night Nelly, my wife, came home in a tizzy. A dizzy little tizzy. She was flustered but like, kind of excited too. I asked her what her deal was and she told me that some very strange things have been occurring in our new house. She was watching the security footage and saw something mysterious, on two separate occasions.

This past weekend, we had our electric installed in the kitchen. My Mommy, Pam, and father-in-law, Donald, were both working there throughout the day, so the house was full of noise and people. However, these ghostly situations happened after everyone had left.

We get alerts on our phones when their is movement in the house and apparently something that was not human moved the security camera in the kitchen.

Keep in mind, initially, we were simply going to renovate the bathroom of this house, but now, we are flipping the entire thing. We are renovating every single room and apparently waking up all of the hibernating spirits that were passed out in the walls. So please don't pay attention to the fact that my kitchen looks, well, gross right now.

I will have a before and after whenever this humungous project we took on is finally finished. So most-likely 2028.

Now, as you're watching these videos keep in mind, their is no one in the house, no windows are open nor fans on. Their is no way my camera could move with that much force, unless it was moved purposely, by a person or a ghost person?

One video is of the camera moving on its own and the other video is of an orb like thingy not just floating across the camera, but swooping and dancing a bit. What is going on? You tell me!

I have already saged the home and now I will have to do it again. I am a very spiritual person and realize this home was built 88 years ago so there must be energy that has sustained in the walls or something. But we didn't feel anything inhuman present anytime we've been there, so hopefully whatever it is, it's nice like Casper.

The lady that owned that house before us lived there for a very long time and we are assuming it may be her? However, we do not know who was in and out of this house for almost 100 years, so it could be anyone.

I may order a spirit box and see if I can't get any answers.

Whoever it may be, just stay out of the bathroom while I'm in there. Thanks

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