A war of words is going on in Windham between White Knuckle Kustoms and Binga's Express on their signs unlike anything Maine has ever seen before.

You're probably aware of the controversial issue of Portland accepting asylum seekers. People are very passionate on both side of the issue and White Knuckle Kustoms in Wndham decided they'd try to make a joke about the situation on their sign.

Binga's via Facebook

Binga's Express, Maine's leader in funny signs, fired back at White Knuckle Kustoms pointing out that that's not how you spell "asylum".

Some people might have been confused if they hadn't seen the White Knuckle sign that Binga's was referring too, but Binga's posted both signs to their Facebook page to say a few things that wouldn't fit on the sign.

And so it begins. Game on. Your move White Knuckle Kustoms. We'll be watching.