If you've never been to The Clambake restaurant at Pine Point in Scarbrough, you're missing out. Not only will you enjoy some amazing seafood and a beautiful view of the Scarbrough Marsh, but you will be dining with two to three dozen seagulls just waiting for a free meal.

The seagulls outside the back sun deck of the restaurant wait patiently for any scrap they can get from customers. As soon as the side door leading outside opens, they swarm and screech, MINE! MINE! MINE! MINE! as they fight among themselves for the one french fry.

The seagulls are so popular at The Clambake, that next to the delicious food, they are one of the most Instagramed subjects. Be careful feeding these guys though, if you dare. As Instagrammer ssmallidge puts it, "When feeding the seagulls with your son turns into feeding your son to the seagulls."









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