I certainly have nothing against big chain restaurants! Often times, they have bigger kitchens and are better able to accommodate folks with dietary restrictions, which is really important these days. Just look at the 110 Grill. They basically give each patron an allergy test before you are seated! It's excellent!

But when people are visiting our fine state of New Hampshire, I like to direct them to the smaller, lesser-known places that are unique to this area.

And I am not referring to the tourist traps that have a ton of hype and a three-hour wait for dinner (again, nothing against them). I am talking about the quaint joints where the staff is made up of a husband, wife, and a few of their cousins cooking in the kitchen; family owned and operated! And maybe there is a quirky uncle working the bar, ready to whip you up a martini and tell you some dad jokes.

If you send people to those kinds of places, they will leave feeling like they got the "full New Hampshire experience." If they wanted to go to a Chili's, they would have just stayed home!

Some restaurants are hidden gems that just don't get the credit they deserve! I want to shine a light on those establishments. I took to Facebook to poll our listeners on the most underrated restaurants in New Hampshire. They have some opinions, let me tell you! Here are my findings:

These 10 NH Restaurants Deserve Your Attention

EDIT: Since this article was originally published, Pizzeria339 in Hampton closed, and Catalano's in Twin Mountain, New Hampshire, is now Celli's Pizzeria. I've been told it's better than ever!

While we're at it, add these to your bucket list:

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