Who doesn't want to stay warm during the winter months?

The temperatures in Maine can certainly drop, and there's plenty of times where that cold feels even more like a freezing.

So imagine going to a shopping destination like Freeport, walking to a bunch of stores, and then feeling like you just need to take a break and rest for a little.

Well, you're probably not gonna want to stop and sit on a cold bench. But what about a hot one?

L.L. Bean has six custom heated benches you can keep warm and cozy on this winter.

We've all enjoyed a heated car seat, so why not a bench?

According to a Facebook post from Dragon Seats, which teamed up with L.L. Bean to create the special seats, these benches have been set up to be socially distanced around the perimeter of Discovery Park at the flagship store.

The seats are on and ready for you to get toasty from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m., per an L.L. Bean Facebook post.

Turns out, the NFL uses heated benches from Dragon Seats as well, including the New England Patriots, according to Dragon Seats' website.

It'll be like you're sitting on the sideline of a game... or not. Either way, it'll be pretty warm and comfortable.

So if you find yourself in Freeport doing some holiday shopping and you're feeling that chill in the air, you'll be pleased to know you can get nice and warm right outside. And you might just never want to leave.

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