The South Portland Parks and Recreation Department put these flags in Hinckley Park - they come with a message.


These flags, 300 of them, each mark a pile of dog poop that someone didn't pick up. Yup. And as the SoPo Rec pointed out,

All this poop ends up in the ponds which connect to Trout Brook and ultimately wash out to the bay without treatment. Pet waste contains bacteria that threaten the health of animals and people, especially children. Pet waste also contains nutrients that encourage excess weed and algae growth. Excess nutrients are a major cause of water quality decline.


The post on Facebook was very nice. But you could feel the frustration...and I think we all feel that frustration. Whether your are a dog owner or not, we've all seen dog poop just left behind.



Please, please, please pick up after your dog. And if you can, pick up something that didn't come from your pup. And if you are super duper into pooper scoopers, then join the effort to clean up Hinckley Park or any public area on April Stools Day, April 20th!


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