When most of us go outside in Maine winter conditions, we scrunch up our shoulders and hurry to our next destination as quickly as we can. But Holly Twining and a group of women with Maine Yoga Adventures ventured out in the frigid temps to try out something new... they're calling it "snowga".

Maine Yoga Adventures via facebook
Maine Yoga Adventures via facebook

Strapped in snowshoes, these adventurous yogis planted their feet and pulled out their poses. The wider footing foundation actually helps with the stability of standing poses, and using each other's support, they can also practice partner stretches, Twining told Bangor Daily News. Twining even managed a headstand, the logistics of which I do not understand.

Maine Yoga Adventures plans retreats and adventures just like this one roughly twice a month, according to Bangor Daily News. Each outing combines yoga with travel, nature, community and new life experiences. If you think you have it in you to try out an adventure, check them out! You could also give snowga a try and report back, for those of us who will be staying inside.

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