The movie is called LIKE and it's an IndieFlix Original documentary that explores the impact of social media on our lives.


I think we can all agree that social media has had an insane impact on our lives. But no more so than kids. Have you ever thought your kid was 'addicted' to their smart phone? It's probably because they literally are!


The filmmakers know that technology is a tool and it's not going anywhere. Social platforms are a place to connect, share and care. But the question they ask, explore and attempt to answer is...what’s really happening? Are we addicted? How do we stop? Where do we start? What do we need to know?

They show that if you can understand the effects of technology and social media on the brain, your life, and the entire civilization, we can learn how to navigate it more safely together.

Their goal for this film is to inspire people of all ages, especially kids, to self regulate. It is NOT about blame. It’s about looking in the mirror and making sure we have the power to create balance in our lives and to learn to be there for each other.

You cannot see this movie online or in the theater by getting a ticket. Nope. The LIKE movie is only at showings - for free. And there happens to be one coming up on Thursday April 25th at Scarborough High School.

The reason they do that is to truly start a conversation. Scilla Andreen,the producer & director of LIKE will be moderating a panel after the film. It's being brought to Maine by EmpowerME is a non-profit organization in Maine. They want to help create a positive shift in our culture by screening films and producing events that raise awareness, spark conversation, generate connectivity and inspire action to empower ourselves, our community and our future generation.


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